• Control Your Insurance Destiny
    Greater control of your insurance budget through premium stabilization
  • Committed To Helping You Achieve Your Insurance Goals
    Each captive owner appoints a Director of the Company
    allowing for maximum input into insurance company operations

Welcome to Well Health Insurance, Ltd.

Well Health Insurance, Ltd., formed in 2011, is a member-owned group captive which leverages the benefits of a partially self-insured health benefits plan through the use of a captive insurance overlay. This provides employers a unique option for their stop loss coverage.

Groups participating in Well Health Insurance, Ltd. have enrolled employees ranging from 75 to 3500 on the plan and have the ability to gather at least two years of claims details.

Through the active participation of its shareholders, Well Health endeavors to provide the long-term security of a well-managed insurance company. The preceding is an overview of the Company only, and complete details of all operations are available. Through the Well Health program, shareholders have indeed taken control of their insurance destiny.

Well Health Facts & Figures

  • 135 member companies from across the U.S.
  • 60,000 total covered lives
  • $60 million in stop loss premium
  • $250,000 captive retention
  • Dividends paid annually