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Well Health is a great outlet for clients who have traditionally out-performed the medical stop loss market. The ability to network with other like-minded companies, learn new approaches to health risk management and have a risk/reward mechanism for the stop loss all helps control the total healthcare costs. The first step for considering a prosect for the captive is education; any potential prospect needs to be educated on what a member owned captive is and how it functions. Education can be done in the following ways:

  • Individual Meetings
  • Group Seminar
  • Webinar

We encourage every broker to host group seminars for clients and prospects. The Captive Resources team is available to participate in those meetings.

The following information needs to be collected to request a stop loss quote from Berkley:

  • Fully Completed Well Health RFI Form
  • Excel Census including DOB, Gender, Plan Option, Coverage, Zip Code and Retiree or Cobra Designations
  • Current Plan Document
  • Minimum 18 Months Large Claim History (including diagnosis for each claimant)
  • Minimum 18 Months Monthly Paid Claims and Enrollment Data
  • Pended Denied and Pre-Cert Reports (Run-In Contracts)
  • Renewal When Available