Mission & History

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Through a collaborative effort, Well Health Insurance Ltd. (Well Health) members seek positive measurable returns for the health plan, welcome the addition of like-minded members and continually strive to improve the well-being of employees and their families.


From the beginning, Well Health has focused on one thought: Insurance is a manageable cost. Shareholders should be in control of their insurance destinies and not dictated to by the insurance industry.

Well Health, formed in April 2011, is a member-owned group captive created to enable businesses to obtain adequate stop-loss insurance coverage for their employee health and accident plan obligations at affordable rates. The founders of Well Health perceived that the commercial insurance industry was not responsive to this basic commercial necessity.

Well Health is licensed in the Cayman Islands to reinsure risks from the policy issuing company, Berkley Accident and Health (Berkley), rated A+ by A.M. Best. Berkley is licensed and admitted, providing coverage to the membership in the United States.

Each shareholder, regardless of premium size, has one vote. A simple majority of the Board of Directors governs on matters submitted to the Board. Well Health generally follows a one- to two-year accounting cycle. Each underwriting year stands alone and typically will not be closed until one to two years after the policy year end, or as determined by the Board of Directors.

Well Health believes that its management strength lies in a strong committee structure and individual involvement by shareholders. Well Health committees include: Membership Development, Health Risk Management and Finance. The Board of Directors relies on the recommendations of these committees to establish policies.

Well Health desires participation by well-managed, profitable companies whose management philosophies and personalities are compatible with those of the other shareholders.